Admiral Lord Coelacanth, First Sea Lord (caddyman) wrote,
Admiral Lord Coelacanth, First Sea Lord

Halloween Ghost Story Challenge


Back on 21st of this month I mooted a writing challenge – just for fun – to create a ghost or horror story for Halloween. A number of you expressed an interest, so I think it’s a ‘go’.

The challenge is simple: write a ghost or horror story in no more than 500 words, based upon a song lyric or a couple of lines from a song lyric of your choice.

Post the story in your LiveJournal, but don’t tell anyone what the lyric that inspired it is, though it may be worth dropping a clue, cryptic or otherwise and we’ll see if anyone can guess where you got your idea. (Thanks to jfs for that refinement).

Can I ask people who customarily friends lock their journals to leave that one post unlocked, please and I shall post an entry with links on Halloween itself, so that anyone who is not on your friends list, but who is interested, can read it. I intend to cross post to just_writing too, unless anyone objects (many of you are there anyway).

Once all the entries are linked together, does anyone think that it would be worth putting up a poll for people to rate the stories from 1-5 stars, or is that just a potential soul crusher for any poor sap who gets a single star, when what we should really be celebrating is the fact they took part?

Anyway, with that one question to be answered, get writing and I’ll post links in a month!

Good luck!

(cross posted)

Edited to add: I'll repost this a couple of times over the month for anyone who missed it first time around.

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